New PS4 Details: Automatic Caching Games Not Install, Voice Commands Without PS Eye And More


Shuhei Yoshida via his personal Twitter account has revealed never heard before details about Playstation 4.

Playstation 4Yoshida first confirmed that Playstation 4 does automaic cashing to games, and its not the mandatory install. This is really huge news for Playstation 4, it basically mean, if you want to play CoD Ghosts and Killzone, you won’t need 100GB of space (50GB each,) you’ll just need 50GB to cache them. That’s so cool!

Furthermore, Yoshida went on to confirmed Voice Commands are available without Playstation Eye i.e via available via Mic and DualShock 4 controller.

Last but not the least, Yoshida confirmed that PS4 won’t support user customized themes like Playstation 3