New PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall Footage Show Tons of Improvement


A brand new off-screen gameplay footage of PS4 exclusive game “Killzone: Shadow Fall” has arrived on YouTube showcasing massive improvements in graphics/visuals department.

PS4 Killzone: Shadow FallThe uploader of the footage states that this gameplay was taken from latest build of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Here is the list of improvements you can see in the following off-screen footage of Killzone: Shadow Fall

  • All LOD problems have been fixed. No more pop in!
  • They have added moving mist to the level. Looks great
  • They have added god rays to the level. All the trees are casting god rays
  • It has screen tearing but the frame rate is solid
  • Depth of field is back and they have added object based blur
  • Particle effects seem lacking compared to the latest multiplayer footage