New PS4 Firmware 2.0 Screenshots Shows Share Play, Invite Play, YouTube, USB Media Player & More


Today, Sony announced ton of interesting new details about PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0. The firm revealed some more features that will be coming with PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0: “Themes, Home Screen Color, USB Music Player” and many more things. These information arrived via Sony European.

On the other side, Sony Japan also held today a press conference on PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0, and we have some interesting screenshots from the event showcasing Share Play feature, Invite Play and many more things.

There is no exact release date yet but as per the details teased by Scott McCarthy, Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, PlayStation fans can expect it between late October or early November.

“We have not yet announced a date. That said we don’t want you guys playing some of the biggest games of the year without the biggest update of the year.”

Take a look at the full album below

Source: Japanese Website 4Gamer