New PS4 Firmware 2.0 “Share Play And USB Media Player” Details Revealed, No Update on Release Date


Last week, Sony via their official PlayStation Blog revealed ton of exciting new details about the new features that will be coming to PlayStation 4 via firmware 2.0. The firmware is codenamed as “Masamune” and will add USB Music Player, Share Play, YouTube and many more things.


Today, Sony Japan via PlayStation Community website revealed some more interesting details about Share Play and USB Music Player that will be added to PS4 via firmware 2.0. You can check out the details below.

PS4 SharePlay Feature New Details:

  • You can be in a Party with 8 people, but Share Play can be done only with one of them at the same time. The rest of the Party won’t be able to see the screen, but will still be able to chat with host and guest.
  • When the host is visualizing any other screen than the game being shared, the guest is shown a “stand by” screen.
  • The Share Play time is limited to one hour, and the remaining time is visualized in the Party screen, but you can start a new session immediately after the one before expires.
  • Certain games may have scenes that cannot be displayed during Share Play.
  • While you use Share Play, livestreaming and remote play are not available.
  • The guest cannot save video clips and screenshots during share play.

PS4 USB Media Player:

  • It’s not possible to copy music files from USB to the internal hard disk of the PS4.
  • The tile of the USB music player will be shown exclusively if the connected USB storage has a “Music” folder. Also, it cannot be used at the same time as Music Unlimited.
  • Tracks played by the music player won’t be heard while livestreaming and in videos recorded by the PS4.

There is no details as to when exactly PlayStation 4 firmware will launch, however Sony didn’t hinted last week that PS4 owners won’t play big games of 2014 without firmware 2.0. This means a launch between Late October or Early November is possibility.