New PS4 Pro Info: No 4K Blu-Ray Support, Has USB Port On Back, 1080p PS4 Games Will Get Better FPS


At PlayStation Meeting 2017, Sony has officially announced PlayStation 4 PRO (PS4 Pro). The first thing I am bringing you right from the event is the official specs of PS4 Pro as compared to currently available standard PS4. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at it below.

PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro comes with the same Jaguar CPU that is present in standard PS4, however, all the eight CPU cores in PS4 Pro will be clocked higher as compared to standard PS4. According to Sony, the GPU of PS4 Pro will have double the power as compared to standard PS4, AMD Polaris architecture, higher bandwidth memory. Apart from this no additional details were revealed by Sony at the event.

But definitely, have some more information about PS4 Pro that Sony kept under the wrap. Firstly, PS4 Pro has a USB port on the back. It was confirmed by PlayStation Germany via Twitter, check out the tweet below.

Secondly, PlayStation 4 Pro will not support 4K Blu-Ray. I have no idea what the hell went through the minds of Sony that they decided to skip this feature for PlayStation 4 Pro.