New PS4 Slim And PS4 Pro Laptop Versions Revealed, Sadly No Battery And Cost Too Much


Playing your favorite home console games in portability is, like Hideo Kojima said a few days ago, a gamer dream come true. And this is why Nintendo Switch was invented. But, what if you’d want to play PlayStation 4 games wherever you are, whenever you desire it? Well, that gets a harder task and definitely something Sony tried to achieve, failing, with PS Vita.

PlayStation 4 Pro Laptop

Anyway, modder Ed Zarick has something new for you. He had already built laptop versions of Xbox One and PS4, but this time around he comes back into town with PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro laptops. While PS4 Slim laptop is really, err, slim, the PS4 Pro version is pretty big and not something you’d manage to carry over, wherever and whenever etc.

Zarick himself acknowledged it: “It’s not as portable as the Playbook 4S. You might have trouble getting this on a carry-on [bag].” On top of that, both don’t have battery, so you’ll need to constantly be near a power outlet, but they have HDMI splitter so you can play the console on TV. Which totally doesn’t make any sense.

The PlayBook 4 Slim for $1,495, or $1,195 if you ship him your console to be put inside the case.