New PS4’s Share Play Details: “Trophies Gain Will Be Reflected On Host’s Account, No Limit On Amount of Sessions”

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PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 will launch this coming Tuesday i.e. on October 28. The firmware will add one of the most awaited and highly anticipated feature called as “Share Play”. Sony’s PR Manager Andrew Kelly in the comment section of PS Blog has revealed some interesting new details about Share Play feature which PlayStation fans will love.


Firstly, Andrew clarified that Guest using Share Play feature will be able to earn trophies but it will be reflected on host’s account. In more simplified terms, guest will just be able to help out the host to earn trophies but won’t be able to earn it without owning a game.

“Trophies gained during Share Play will be reflected on the host’s account, not the visitor’s.” said Andrew.

PS4 Share Play Trophies Detail Image

Secondly, Andrew officially confirmed that Share Play comes with a “60 Minutes” session limit but there won’t be any limit whatsoever to the number of session guest can initiate with the host.

“Each Share Play session has a 60 minute duration, regardless of whether both users own the game.”

“No limits on the amount of Share Play sessions, just on the total time per session (60 minutes).”

PS4 Share Play Session Limit Detail Snapshot

So there you have it folks, all official confirmation and clarification you guys have been waiting for related to Share Play feature. You can check out the video guide detailing how working of PS4 Share Play here.