New screenshots of Bound by Flame released, depicting unique customizations


Spider studio’s Bound by Flame is all set to release on 9th of May for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game’s official description reads: “Bound by Flame is a heroic fantasy RPG that has you playing as a mercenary possessed by a demon in flames. In the grasp of the demon, you must choose between the demonic power within you, and your humanity.”

Bound By Flame“Should you choose the latter, you must repel the demonic influence and develop truly heroic skills. As dangers and enemies close down on you, always more fearsome and terrifying, you will be tempted to yield a bit more of your soul to the demon that possesses you in order to gain more power… and as the demon gains more of your soul, your physical transformation becomes more obvious.”

The look of the main character can be customized, which you can see in the screenshots below, new items of armor can be created using the ingenious in-game crafting system. Not only will this have an impact on combat tactics using the bonuses but it will also alter the appearance, because each armor item can be customized with various extras, i.e. shoulder pads, knee pads and a range of other protective features, each having a particular style. The combinations are going to be infinite, so each character will be unique.

Bound by Flame screenshots:

Bound by Flame Screen 1 Bound by Flame Screen 2 Bound by Flame Screen 3 Bound by Flame Screen 4 Bound by Flame Screen 5