Sega teases a new entry in the Valkyria series


It looks like there could be a new game coming in Sega’s Valkyria series soon, if a new teaser website is to be believed. 

The teaser website notes that a new “Valkyria Project” is coming on Nov. 20, but there are no additional details as to what fans can expect to see. It looks like the website is set to change a bit each day around 12pm JST until Nov. 20 rolls around, likely giving additional details with each update. 

The military-themed tactical RPGs started in 2008 with the well-received Valkyria Chronicles, and two sequels after that. It’s considered to be an excellent entry in the genre, and it even spawned an anime and manga series. The latest game, Valkyria Revolution, wasn’t nearly as well-received, with low scores from critics and complaints from users alike. While this marked the series’ first debut on a Microsoft console, it wasn’t exactly the success Sega hoped for.

The newest Valkyria project, whatever it may be, is a callback to an interview with 4Gamer, where director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Youichi Shimosato mentioned that the original Valkyrie Chronicles series will indeed be continuing. This could be the continuation that both were referring to, and if that’s the case, fans who loved the first game should have plenty to look forward to.