New Watch Dogs details: Chicago City map, Aiden can swin, possible to do silent kills and stealth

Watch Dogs: World Map

Recently Ubisoft released a brand new trailer of their upcoming title, Watch Dogs. It was titled as “Welcome To Chicago” and teased demons, sci-fi robots and other elements, but one thing that was discovered few days ago is in-game full map of Chicago city in Watch Dogs.

Watch DogsThe image below features a map just behind our lead character Aiden, its indeed actual in-game map, and has been officially confirmed by Jonathan Morin, Watch Dogs Creative Director.

Take a look at the image below.

Watch Dogs Map Teaser

In addition to this, Jonathan Morin also shared some new gameplay details of Watch Dogs via Twitter. First thing Morin confirmed is that silent killsand takedowns is possible.

“Yep, you can even blow stuff up through hacking without being detected.” said Morin when asked about whether its possible to stealth and do silent kills or takedowns.

Last but not the least, Morin confirmed that Aiden Pearce can swim in the game.

Watch Dogs is scheduled to launch on May 27 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. How excited are you about Watch Dogs? tell us in the comment section below.