New Watch Dogs details: “Frame-Rate Stable/Constant On PS4, PC Specific GFX, Maximizing PS4 Potential” & more

Watch Dogs: PC Max Setting Screen 3

Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin has shared some interesting details related to Watch Dogs PC version today, will the game maximize the potential of Playstation 4, games’s advance AI and many more things.

Watch DogsMorin stated that at present he is unsure of whether PC version of Watch Dogs will come with any specific GFX “physics, Shaders and Lightning effects”. Please NOTE, Morin used the term “Unsure”, whereas on the other side Nvidia has already teased some PC specific graphical features “TXAA, HABO+ and more”.

“So far I said I am not sure we have PC specific GFX. I do know PC push the details better. So until I get the detail I ask for I would say your statement is incorrect.”

This approach of Morin can be best described as damage control because he wants to be 100 percent sure before letting out any details because a while back Morin himself confirmed that PC version of Watch Dogs will look identical to E3 2012 demo build that was showcased, and that indeed featured specific PC GFX.

When asked, Whether Watch Dogs maximizes full potential of Playstation 4, Morin replied that development team did push the hardware quite a lot, but its still too early i.e beginning of new generation.

“We do push quite a lot but this is the very beginning of a generation… We will have years of fun with those.”

Morin was also asked about frame-rate at which Watch Dogs runs on Playstation 4? Specific figure for FPS was not revealed by Morin, but he did confirm that it is very stable/constant.

Twitter user asked Morin: “About the Watch Dogs’s framerate: is it rock solid or variable (PS4)?” and to this he replied:

“I’m playing on PS4 for my current walkthrough and its very stable/constant.”

Last but not the least, Morin was asked to comment on How Watch Dogs will look on Xbox 360/PS3? and the response from Morin will definitely please last-gen fan-base.

“Very good for CG. We had a dedicated team on that since the beginning.” replied Morin.

Watch Dogs is scheduled to launch on May 27 for PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.