New Watch Dogs Image Details Different Type of Hacks, “From ATM to Train Control and More”

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s upcoming open world game Watch Dogs features lead character named Aiden Pearce. The main weapon of Aiden in Watch Dogs is his smartphone by means of which he can perform numerous types of hacking in Chicago city.

Watch DogsUbisoft has just released a new image detailing all types of hacks that Aiden Pearce will be able to perform in Watch Dogs. Here is the full list.

  • ATM hacking
  • Free Parking
  • Car Starter
  • Controlling Signal Lights
  • Universal Master Key
  • Traffic Light control
  • Blackout
  • Train Control
  • Conversation Hack

The image does not mention controlling Bridges via hack (we have already seen this in one of the demo gameplay footage, Aiden hacked bridges to escape from police)

Watch Dogs: List of All Hacking