New Xbox One Ad Takes Jab At PS4 And Sony, says “Xbox One Has The Best Games”


PS4 and Xbox One are just few days away from official release and the marketing team at Sony and Microsoft are leaving no stone unturned to make it a grand success with some aggressive last minute advertisement.

Xbox One Best Game AdMicrosoft via official Xbox Twitter account released a brand new banner ad stating “Xbox One Has The Best Game”. This ad directly takes a jab at Sony and PS4, as almost all PS4 launch titles received lukewarm reception from critics across the globe.

Review scores received by PS4 launch titles were mixed and none of them was able to live up to the hpye, this not only disappointed Shuhei Yoshida but also Playstation fans.

The fate of Xbox One games are not yet out but by November 22 we will know whether they are up to the quality or not. In the meantime check out the latest ad shared by Microsoft via Xbox Twitter below.