New Xbox One Details: BackGround Patch Download, GamerTags, SmartGlass Multitasking Feature and More


Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has revealed some interesting new details about Xbox One in a recent AMA session on Reddit. The details are mostly related to Gamertags, SmartGlass app and whether gamers will have an option to download patch (which are massive in size) in the background and continue playing their multiplayer gameplay on Xbox One.

Xbox OneYou can check out the full Q&A below. Xbox One is schedule to launch on November 22 in 13 countries including North America and Europe.

Q: When we first get an Xbox One, will we be able to start off fresh and change our gamertag for free, or will we have to pay for it?

Marc: All of our gamertags will come over from the existing Xbox LIVE community. We have no changes to our policies in this space.

Q: Will we be able to import our own JPEG’s, etc. for use as Gamerpics?

Marc: We are focused on building out a beautiful collection of 1080p gamerpics for our users on Xbox One. You’ll also be able to create full-body poses of your Avatar to use as a gamerpic. You’ll see us do much more here in the future. At launch, we expect to have 300 gamerpics to choose from.

Q: Will we be able to enter a nickname for our friends on our list? Instead of seeing their gamertag, I could enter, “Brian,” or whatever I want to use to identify him besides his gamertag…

Marc: Good idea! We’ll look at that idea in the future. At launch, one of the things we will provide is the ability to add a friend to a favorites list, so you can keep up with both the broader set of people on your list and the people you play with most.

Q: Will the SmartGlass app itself have any type of multitasking features?

: Xbox SmartGlass is the optimal multitasking companion for Xbox One. You can easily access the Xbox OneGuide to see what’s on TV and change channels, keep up with what your friends are doing on Xbox, view GameDVR clips, view achievements and challenges, and snap apps on your Xbox One directly from your phone or tablet.

Q: If you’re playing a multiplayer game like Battlefield and the developer pushes out a relatively large update while you’re playing, will it download in the background then kick everyone off later? Or does it kick everyone off right away and you have to wait for the download to finish?

Marc: Content providers will have the ability to push two types of content updates with Xbox One: ones that are immediately mandatory like in Xbox 360 and ones that are optional. If you opt to not take an optional update, you can continue to play online and do the update at a later time.

Source: Reddit