New Xbox One Details: Day One Patch Size, Rechargeable Battery for Xbox One Controller and More


IGN recently held the final Ask Me Anything session with Microsoft’s Marc Whitten. As expected some new details regarding Microsoft’s next-gen console Xbox One was revealed.

Xbox OneThe details was related to Day One update for Xbox One, Cloud Service, rechargeable battery pack for Xbox One controller and more. We have the full rundown of this last IGN’s AMA session, read it below:

Q: How large is the Xbox One’s Day One update? How long will it take to install?

MARC WHITTEN, XBOX ONE CHIEF PLATFORM ARCHITECT: We are optimizing Xbox One so that the day one update is as fast as possible. While we’re still finalizing the details, we expect that the download will take between 15 and 20 minutes for most users.**

Q: Does every single multiplayer game on Xbox One, regardless of developer or publisher, get dedicated servers because of the cloud? Or is it still a game-by-game thing?

WHITTEN: Every title can take advantage of our cloud services. Think of it as a tool in the toolbox for our developers to drive their vision and our goal is to make it easy and simple for them to do so.

Q: Do you guys plan to update the dashboard once or sometimes twice a year as you currently do with the Xbox 360?

WHITTEN: Yes. Like we have done with Xbox 360, we will continue to learn from what customers want and love to iterate on the best dashboard experience.

Q: Will Twitter/Facebook return on Xbox One?

WHITTEN: We continue to work with great partners to bring the best app experiences to Xbox One. While I can’t comment on the specifics of these two partners right now, at launch you will be able to access Twitter and Facebook through the Internet Explorer web browser on Xbox One at launch.

Q: Will a rechargeable battery pack be offered for the controller?

WHITTEN: Yes! The Play and Charge kit includes a rechargeable battery and micro-USB cable, with a charging indicator light. It will be available at launch for $24.99.