New Xbox One External HDD Support Details: “Playing Games Need Installation, Format Doesn’t Matter And More”


Yesterday, Microsoft announced details regarding content that will be coming to Xbox One via June 2014 firmware: “External HDD support, real name usage and many more things”.

Major NelsonVia Reddit, Major Nelson has shared some more details via Reddit. He first confirmed that external HDD support is not just for storing content and players will be able to games from it, all they need to do is install it to the external HDD and then play from it.

When asked: “Is USB 3.0 fast enough to play games off an external hard drive? Or is the external simply “storage” – but to play the game would require transferring to the internal Hard Drive?”

Nelson replied: “You install to the external drive and then play games from it. Pull it out, head to your friends house. Plug it in, sign in to Xbox Live…BAM…all your games on the HDD are ready to be played off the HDD.”

Furthermore, Nelson also confirmed that there’s no max size limit for external HDD,

“We are not putting a limit on size.” confirmed Nelson

When asked: “Do you recommend the HDD have it’s own power source or can it run off the Xbox ones power?” Nelson replied:

“Either will work with Xbox One”

Lastly, Nelson clarified that external HDD format doesn’t matter for Xbox One, as soon as players will plug-in the drive for the first time, Xbox One will prepares it for use for storage.

When asked: Heres another question what format does the external drive need to be I think the 360 was FAT 32? Nelson replied:

“It does not matter. When you plug your drive in the first time, the console prepares it for use for storage. From that point forward, you can only use it with an Xbox One.

So there you have it folks some more clarification on External HDD support for Xbox One straight from the mouth of Microsoft’s Major Nelson.


Its seems like there’s some sort of confusion regarding size limit of external HDD for Xbox One. Our friend at VideoGamer reports that the upper limit for external storage support is 16TB.