New Xbox One preview firmware coming, fixes issues with “Xbox One” voice command, changelog out


Microsoft has just announced a brand new Xbox One preview firmware which will carry fix for issues with Xbox One voice commands. The firmware will be available for download on May 14th at 7:00PM PDT only for those who are members of preview program.

Xbox One

Here is the official changelog of this latest Xbox One preview firmware:

New Features:

  • Update to resolve an issue where “Xbox, On” would take several seconds to be recognized.

Known Issues:

  • A small number of users may notice that party chat only comes out of their surround sound speakers instead of their headset. A fix was thought to be in place, but a few users have continued to report the issue. The team is digging into these reports and is still investigating.

Xbox One preview program members gets early access to new firmware feature for testing and later on important changes and feedbacks from these testers are implemented in the final build which is then released for general public.

Are you a member of Xbox One preview program? tell us in the comment section below any other hidden changes in this latest preview firmware?