Next Resident Evil Game Will Be Called “Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps”, Capcom Japan Registers Trademark

Today, Capcom Japan has registered a new trademark related to Resident Evil franchise. At Japanese Patent and Trademark Office, the publisher registered a trademark for “Biohazard Umbrella Corps”. Some of you might ask: How does this relates to Resident Evil franchise? Biohazard is a Japanese name for Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 7 Is Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

You can check out the full registration document below. A wide range of gaming platforms is also mention, including “portable consoles with LCD screens, TV Home Consoles and Mobile”.

This definitely looks like a registration for a new game in Resident Evil franchise. Who knows, it could be the final name for Resident Evil 7. We’ll have to apply a wait and watch approach and let Capcom clear all doubts regarding this.

Resident Evil 7 Is Umbrella Corp

Few weeks ago, a trademark appeared in the European Union for the term “Umbrella Corps”. However, the lack of the name/term “Resident Evil” raised many doubts among fans as to what it was about.