NGP will allows gamers to play PS3 games remotely

How will you react if i tell you that Next Generation Portable (NGP) from Sony will allows gamers to play their Playstation 3 games remotely, Yes you read it correctly playing PS3 game on NGP that too remotely. Sounds more like science fiction but it is true.


Sony representative in an interview to Everyone Calls me Kitty said, “If you are connected to Wi-Fi anywhere in the world and your PS3 is on standby at home, you can play the game in your PS3 on your NGP without the disk”.

Other details that was revealed are:

  • Dual thumb-stick controls
  • You can use it as a controller for your PS3
  • To zoom in and out you use your fingers on the back of the console to stretch to zoom; like you would on the iPhone.
  • LED screen for HD gaming in your hand