NHL 18 – September 27 Patch Notes – Tuner 1.01

NHL 18 has only been out for a short time, but already it’s received multiple updates in the form of patches and, today, Tuner 1.01. While this update is significantly smaller than the previous one, it makes a few tweaks that are sure to improve the gameplay experience both online and offline.

Tuner 1.01 Notes

NHL 18 Tuner 1.01

All Modes

  • Tuned ability to go in and out of the pass block state so that it behaves more realistic
  • Tuned puck elasticity to get more realistic reactions when it hits the ice.
  • Tuned deking success rates by deke
  • Decreased top end skating ability for players skating with defensive stick held out

Online Only

  • Tuned down chance of auto fights post whistle
  • Turned off ability for net to come off in online gameplay
  • Tuned cases to fix issues where goalies were getting punished for skating to the bench on delayed penalties

Last night, while playing a Competitive HUT game in NHL 18, I noticed that my opponent knocked the net off several times when I had puck possession in their zone. Could have been an accident, but it made me rather suspicious. Only hours later, EA Canada comes out with Tuner 1.01, fixing that exact issue. Guess it was a tactic being used by some players, who no doubt fit into the category of worst players NHL 18 offers.

While NHL 18 does have some core troubles detailed in the TL;DR Games NHL 18 Review, it’s the best hockey game EA Canada has put forward in several years. Seeing the support for both online and offline game modes throughout the season should keep NHL 18 in a healthy state for the duration of the upcoming season.

You can update NHL 18 to Tuner 1.01 from the main menu when you launch the game. This will be required if you wish to play online. Those playing offline can choose any Tuner they please from the game’s settings.