Niantic is extending Pokémon Go’s Ho-oh event

Pokemon Go

If you still haven’t captured Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go, you may still have time to get on it, as long as you hurry. Niantic has confirmed that the legendary bird will be hanging around a little longer. 

Originally, Ho-Oh was available as a reward for players managing to capture a whopping 3 billion Pokémon as part of the Global Catch Challenge for November. It was originally scheduled to depart the game as of Dec. 12. That will no longer be the case, it appears, as a member of the Niantic team has confirmed after several Reddit posts claiming that the bird’s stay in the game would be extended. 

There was previously a bug in the game that was actually keeping players from catching Ho-Oh that transpired over the weekend, leading to frustrated trainers and players looking for respite after having to deal with the problem in the first place. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure how much longer Ho-Oh will be kept in the game at this time.

Rest assured, however, that if you haven’t been able to nab this colorful bird just yet, you should have a length of time after Dec. 12 where it should be possible. Make sure you get out there and start hammering out those raids!