Niantic’s next project is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Niantic has announced its follow-up to Pokémon Go, and it’s going to make wannabe Hogwarts students everywhere very happy.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the latest project to come from the developer, the result of a partnership between Warner Bros. Interactive and Niantic. Unfortunately, there’s not much information floating around as to what kind of game it might be, except for the nebulous release date of “sometime next year.”

While there is the potential for some augmented reality-style “creature” catching in the upcoming game, that’s probably not what the game will aim for since Pokémon Go has basically cornered the market on that. What it will likely cover is a variety of different spells, wands, and other wizard-centric items to help fans feel like “real” magic users. 

Whatever the case, Harry Potter is positively rife with plenty of different characters, subjects, spells, items, and creatures to explore in a mobile game. Since AR is Niantic’s specialty, it would be strange to see the developer stray from its familiar formula.

Hopefully additional details come down the pipeline in the next few weeks so we know exactly how we’ll be spending most of our time when the game does drop.