NinjaTheory Announced a New Release Date for DmC Definitive Edition via Twitter


Time to rejoice fellow gamers as DmC Definitive Edition has got a brand new release date.

After a long delay in the release of this Definitive Edition, developers have announced that DmC Definitive Edition will now be released a week earlier.

NinjaTheory revealed the new release date via Twitter, DmC Definitive Edition will release on 10th March 2015 instead of the previously announced 17th March.

Devil May Cry

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition was announced in December 2014. The game is said to include numerous improvements and features such as the resolution of 1080p/60FPS, rebalanced gameplay and complete DLC content.

There will also be a new Bloody Palace mode for Vergil, 20% more boosted Turbo Mode, Hardcore mode, Gods Must Die difficulty level, Must Style mode, new costumes, updated trophies, achievements and new leaderboards for Hardcore mode and Vergil’s Bloody Palace.

Earlier today new DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition 1080p PS4/XOne screens were revealed which were a massive let down in graphics. Are you guys happy with the new release date of Devil May Cry Definitive Edition?