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Nintendo Switch Will Replicate The Success Of Nintendo Wii - Morningstar

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Nintendo Switch vs Wii Sales Comparison

An expert from Analyst Firm Morningstar has stated that Nintendo Switch will replicate the success of Nintendo Wii, which sold 102 million units worldwide.

NPD September 2017 Report - Nintendo Switch Best Selling Console Third Month In A Row

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Nintendo Switch Best Selling Console In September 2017

Nintendo shared some information from September 2017 NPD report - Nintendo Switch is named a best-selling console for the third month in a row, and overall sales crossed 2 million mark in United States.

DOOM (2016): Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Comparison Screenshots

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DOOM - Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Comparison Screenshot

Take a look at these 4 DOOM (2016) Nintendo Switch vs PlayStation 4 comparison screenshots. Graphics and visuals quality is a bit low in DOOM Nintendo Switch version, but still looks good.

L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Release Date Confirmed

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L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch

The exciting news is for Nintendo Switch users, L.A. Noire is making its way on Nintendo Switch with confirming the released date of November 14th, 2017.

VR Support For Nintendo Switch found In Its Code Base

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Nintendo Switch VR Code

It looks like Nintendo plan of giving VR support to Nintendo Switch has been leaked ahead of the official announcement. Switch Operating System Source Code carries "VRMode" keyword.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch - Runs At 720p/60FPS In Handheld Mode, 1080p/60FPS In Docked

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FIFA 18 - Resolution/FPS for Nintendo Switch

EA revealed Resolution/FPS of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. The game will run at 720p/60FPS in handheld mode, and 1080p/60FPS in docked mode.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Six Minute Opening Cinematic Leaked

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Opening Cinematic

The opening cinematic of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been leaked (first 6 minutes only). Thankfully, there are no spoilers.

Mysterious Pokemon RPG For Switch To Come in 2018 Or Later

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Pokemon RPG Coming To Switch In 2018

A Nintendo report states Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch will release in 2018 or later. No confirmation yet whether this LATER term means Pokemon RPG might get delayed to 2019.

New Skyrim Handheld Mode Gameplay On Nintendo Switch Is Jaw Dropping

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim For Nintendo Switch

YouTuber Filip has posted a new Elder Scroll V: Skyrim gameplay running on Nintendo Switch (handheld mode). The graphics and visuals is absolutely stunning.

Nintendo Switch Online App Download Available Now On Google Play And App Store

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Nintendo Switch Online App Download Link

Download Nintendo Switch Online App now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, links provided. The app offers lot of game-specific features invite friends to play and more.