Nintendo Switch, Wii and 3DS News and updates.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Launching In September 2018

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Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch online service will cost $20 and will be available in September 2018 that will offer players access to exclusive deals and online games.

Nintendo Forecast 17.74 Millions Nintendo Switch Units To Ship By March 2018

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Nintendo Ship Forecast

Nintendo forecast to ship Switch around 17.74 million units by March 2018, Super Mario Odyssey top selling game.

Insider: Major Nintendo Direct Happening In Mid-February 2018

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Nintendo Direct February 2018 Leaked

A credible insider has revealed that a major Nintendo Direct is happening in Mid-February 2018. This Nintendo Direct was initially planned for January 2018 but was delayed due to Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0.

Nintendo Switch Sold Higher Than Xbox One in Spain

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch surpassed Xbox One sales within 10 months compared to Xbox One. The console achieved the milestone of highest selling console in Spain.

Nintendo Switch December 2017 Sales: 1.5 Million Units and Best Month for 3DS

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Nintendo Switch December 2017

NDP named Nintendo Switch as the best selling console, and immediately after the announcement, Nintendo revealed the exact sales figure of Nintendo Switch in December, it's 1.5 million.

Nintendo Labo Not A VR Rival But Something Totally Unique & Unexpected

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Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is a new interactive line of the playable controller for Nintendo Switch, company President and COO said it is not a competitor to VR.

Meet Yuzu - Nintendo Switch Emulator For PC

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Nintendo Switch PC Emulator

Want to play a Nintendo Switch games on PC? All you need is a Nintendo Switch Emulator for PC called Yuzu. It is currently in development.

Nintendo Switch Sold Three Times Faster Than PS4 After Initial Launch

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch sold three times faster than PS4 console during its initial launch period, overall till the end of 10 million units were sold worldwide.

Nintendo Switch Rumored To Be Hacked Team-Xecuter

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Nintendo Switch Unsigned Code

Nintendo Switch has been teased running unsigned code on a video by Team-Xecuter who claimed that they had hacked the console.

Nintendo Switch Dream Run Continues, Becomes Fastest Selling Gaming System In US History

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Nintendo Switch - Becomes Best Selling Home Console In The US

Nintendo Switch in the United States sold over 4.8 million units since launch in March 2017 and became the fastest selling gaming system in the history of the United States.