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Bethesda Comments Future Nintendo Switch Support, Striving For Simultaneous Releases

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Bethesda Talks About Nintendo Switch Support And Simultaneous Releases

Bethesda Marketing Vice President Pete Hines Commented on Nintendo Switch support future and whether or not they are striving for the simultaneous releases of the game on Nintendo platform.

Nintendo eShop Is Going To Improve Game Discoverability On Nintendo Switch Soon

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Nintendo eShop - Nintendo Switch Game Discoverability

Nintendo has promised to improve Nintendo Switch game discoverability on Nintendo eShop. The promise comes after Nintendo received a lot of reports from fans that they are finding it difficult to get the Switch games they want.

Spencer "Still Willing" To Offer Nintendo Banjo And Kazooie For Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch

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Banjo And Kazooie For Super Smash Bros

If Nintendo wants then they can take/add Banjo and Kazooie to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, according to the details confirmed by Phil Spencer on Twitter.

Firmware 5.0 Changelog - Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0 Changelog

Nintendo has released Firmware 5.0.0. The update a lot of interesting new features such - Facebook and Twitter Friends Suggestions, improvement to Parental Controls PIN and many other things.

Nintendo Direct March 2018 All Announcements: Crash, Okami, Dark Souls Amiibo, Smash Bros

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Nintendo Direct March 2018 - All Announcements

Catch all the new announcements that Nintendo made at Nintendo Direct March 2018 - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Dark Souls Amiibo, Smash Bros and many more Nintendo Switch games were revealed.

Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Sales Comparison 1 Year After Launch In Japan, Switch Wins Handsomely

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Nintendo Switch vs PlayStation 4 Sales In Japan

Media Create did a sales comparison between Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (debut year i.e. how many units sold in first year of launch) and the result was Nintendo Switch sold 3,802,910 units whereas PS4 sold 1,143,542 units.

WSJ Sources Claim Nintendo Switch Will Add More USB Type-C Peripherals In 2018

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Nintendo Switch USB Type-C Peripherals Coming In 2018

Nintendo Switch 2.0 or a slimmer version of Nintendo Switch is not coming anytime soon, instead, Nintendo is working on to add more USB Type-C peripherals in 2018, as per the details revealed by WSJ.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Launching In September 2018

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Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch online service will cost $20 and will be available in September 2018 that will offer players access to exclusive deals and online games.

Nintendo Forecast 17.74 Millions Nintendo Switch Units To Ship By March 2018

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Nintendo Ship Forecast

Nintendo forecast to ship Switch around 17.74 million units by March 2018, Super Mario Odyssey top selling game.

Insider: Major Nintendo Direct Happening In Mid-February 2018

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Nintendo Direct February 2018 Leaked

A credible insider has revealed that a major Nintendo Direct is happening in Mid-February 2018. This Nintendo Direct was initially planned for January 2018 but was delayed due to Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0.