Nintendo Confirms Nintendo Switch Blue Screen Of Death Issue, No Fix Available

Nintendo Switch released worldwide yesterday and it was just a matter of time before we start seeing some nasty issues and error with the console. Reddit user SupportDevil has shared a image showing Blue Screen of Death issue on Nintendo Switch. SupportDevil started a thread on Nintendo Switch sub-Reddit with a title: “Anyone got the Bluescreen, Already mine died a sec ago”.

Nintendo Switch - Blue Screen of Death Issue

The image (which you can see below) was attached with a message: “Played a bit BotW then the Screen went white and the Switch got very noisy then I restarted the Console and now only Blue Screen of Death”

SupportDevil further added that even hard-resetting the console didn’t work for him (hard-resetting by holding down the POWER button for 12 seconds, that’s the only method currently available on the internet). When asked an another Reddit user: whether hard resetting was tried as a fix? to which SupportDevil replied: “How? I reseted it with holding down Power for 12 sec like on the Website”

The latest update from SupportDevil hints that currently there is no fix available for Blue Screen of Death on Nintendo Switch, and all you have to do if you face this issue: Get a replacement. Here is what the new update from SupportDevil reads:

“Talked with the Nintendo support it’s definitely dead I should contact the seller if he is able to replace it otherwise I should send it to them and I may get a replacement in a while”

Nintendo Switch - BLue Screen of Death