Nintendo Doesn’t Plan On Having Your Digital Game Running On Two Nintendo Switch Simultaneously


While making important steps forward when it comes to making your digital games linked to the account that pays for them and not just to the console where the player initially is, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have plans in place for you to pay once and have that specific game running on more than one console simultaneously.

Nintendo Switch Game Sharing On Multiple Console

During a Q&A with Nintendo Entertainment planning & development general manager Shinya Takahashi, a fan asked whether he’d be able to buy digital games from the eShop once, and have them playable on both systems in case he decided to have two Switch consoles at home, one for him and the other for his kids.

“Currently we don’t have a system like that in place for Nintendo Switch,” Takahashi said via a translator, “but we haven’t made any final decisions about how we would approach that going forward in the future, so, unfortunately, I can’t provide any concrete answer for you right now.”

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