Nintendo eShop Funds To Be Unified Across 3DS, Wii U And Nintendo Switch


Nintendo of Japan has provided new details about how Nintendo eShop and funds work on Nintendo Switch, ahead of its release planned for March 3 worldwide. Good enough, the Japanese platform holder has managed to keep funds unified across all the platforms of the Nintendo family, which features Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and now Switch.

Nintendo Switch

“You can share the balance if you have a Nintendo 3DS / Wii U Some people have asked “Can I use the balance from the eShop on 3DS and Wii U, on Nintendo Switch?,” a translation from the post, offered by Reddit user Tropiux, states. “The eShop balance from Nintendo 3DS / Wii U is recorded on your Nintendo Network ID [and Switch doesn’t use those], however if you link your Nintendo Account and your Nintendo Network ID you can then combine the balance.”

It’s good to see the ‘new’ Nintendo is working properly into building a more modern structure in comparison with the past. Wii U was a first but chunky effort into doing this, but things have gone as everyone knows. Not greatly. Hopefully Switch will be finally able to switch things.