Nintendo is looking to increase its mobile game production


Nintendo may have already released three mobile games in the form of Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and the latest game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but it’s still looking to do even more. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company is looking to do even more in the mobile space, as it’s looking to work with additional developers in the future. We could be seeing a whole bevy of more Nintendo-branded mobile games in the future. 

Nintendo is looking to release additional games in a much quicker fashion than before by working with partners other than DeNA. Nintendo doesn’t currently any plans to invest in said companies, but has put out feelers to reach out to interested parties. 

The Wall Street Journal says that Nintendo has spoken with developer GungHo, a company it worked with previously on Puzzle & Dragons, though a spokesperson for GungHo claims no talks have taken place. It would make sense if the two were to join forces for a mobile game, but that may not be the case for now. There aren’t any other leads on the developers Nintendo is currently eyeing. 

In terms of the types of franchises Nintendo could make mobile, it stands to reason that additional Mario endeavors could be on the horizon, though there are plenty of other large properties that haven’t been given the mobile treatment, like Zelda or StarFox. It remains to be seen what’s on the horizon, but Nintendo no doubt has some good ideas planned. It will be fun to see what finally gets revealed.