Nintendo NX Could Possibly Be At September 2016 UK EGX Event


While rumors floating around the Internet point at a possible delay for Nintendo NX, it looks like there’s a slight chance for UK event EGX 2016 to give a try to the upcoming Japanese home & portable hybrid console already.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX has indeed showed up in a recent survey posted for everyone buying an EGX 2016 ticket, among the platforms they would like to try while at the event this September. “Which platform would you anticipate playing most at this year’s EGX?” is the question.

EGX 2016 will be held in Birmingham from September 22 to September 25, a bit later in comparison with Tokyo Game Show, one of the possible venues where Nintendo could be showing for the first time ever NX to the public. TGS 2016 is starting on September 17.

By the looks of it, it looks rather unlikely for the platform to be delayed, as recently rumored, even further than March 2017. Rumors pointed at Nintendo working on a virtual reality support, among other stuff, to make NX a better option against the upcoming hardware upgrades arriving from Sony and Microsoft.