Nintendo NX To Start Production In June 2016, According To Manufacturer Foxconn

According to a new report coming from China, Nintendo NX could launch by the end of 2016. Manufacturer Foxconn, it seems, is expecting “operation will focus on the second half of the year”, starting from June, thanks to a new unannounced model of iPhone and the next Nintendo console.

Nintendo NX

Starting manufacture in June or about June would mean the console would ship by the end of the year, in the usual launch window of October-November we have been familiarized with by the latest hardware launches.

“With the roll out of iPhone 7 and Nintendo NX, investors believe Foxconn’s operation will focus on the second half of this year. It is expected that operation momentum for the company in second half of the year will obviously increase compared with that of the first half,” is an important part of this report.

An updated translation points out this is “investor speculation”, which could be important anyway in the effort of defining when the upcoming hybrid Nintendo platform would be presented to the public and finally launch.

Supposing that manufacture would start in June or in the summer window, we’d have Nintendo finalizing NX’s specs in time for an official presentation at E3 2016, where they could (in case they want) go into further details to satisfy people who care about tech and offer a first insight about the lineup (Zelda U is rumored to be a launch title, too).

Is this report to believe in your opinion? In case, do you expect NX to launch by 2016 and do you already have an idea of what this platform will be about? Let us know in the comments below.