Nintendo reveals 3DS XL unit, full details out now (Update)

Today’s Nintendo Direct Conference features some exciting and big announcements, Satoru Iwata has just announced brand new Nintendo 3DS (called as 3DS Revision or 3Ds XL).

3DS Revision

The new handheld features a larger screen and will be available in THREE COLORS (white, silver and black, red and black ).

Nintendo 3DS XL will have 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen, and one of the big change is that it will not feature Circle Pad Pro.

In Japan, Nintendo 3DS XL will launch on July 28. It will ship without charger, but will include a 4GB SD Card. It will carry a price tag of 18,900 Yen in Japan.

3DS Revision or 3DS XL

Update 1:

In North America, 3DS XL will launch on August 19 i.e it will be available on the launch day of New Super Mario Bros 2. It will carry a hefty price tag of $199.99.

Update 2:

More 3DS XL Images arrived:

3DS XL Image

Update 3:

3DS XL will launch in Europe on July 28.

Update 4:

3DS XL Direct Feed Images (Click on the image to ENLARGE):

3DS XL Direct Feed Image 1 3DS XL Direct Feed Image 2 3DS XL Direct Feed Image 3 3DS XL Direct Feed Image 4 3DS XL Direct Feed Image 5

Update 5: