Nintendo Switch: AMAZON Pre-Order Live Now US and UK

Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order on Amazon, both in the United States and the United Kingdom. As explained by president Mr. Kimishima during the reveal event, prices are slightly different based on locations, in particular in Europe where you’ll really need to look at the specific countries to have a clearer picture of it.

Nintendo Switch: AMAZON UK and US Taking Pre-Order

In the United States, as known, Nintendo Switch’s price is $299, basically the same of PS4 Slim and Xbox One S now. In the UK is £279,99, fundamentally the equivalent of the US counterpart. In continental Europe, in countries like Italy or Germany, the price is €329,99, which is much higher in comparison (almost by half the cost of a game).

By the way, the most important thing here is Nintendo has issued to the retailers a good amount of console units this time around. With PS4 the console was sold out for months (I skipped day one and only managed to get it in February, 4 months later), and Nintendo Classic Mini NES is still not available after it went sold out in November.

Which is why I pre-ordered. Hopefully, things get better this time, though.

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