Nintendo Switch available for 198.50 UK price at pre-order

Nintendo Switch release date is not clear yet, and a UK online retailer Gameseek is offering it at a £198.50 at pre-order. As per the seller, the release date is 17/03/2017, when the console shipping would begin. Gameseek also assures that this would be the absolute price, incase if the actual price of console is higher at the time of release, the buyer won’t have to pay anything additional.

Nintendo Switch

Looks like a promise deal for Nintendo admirers. The price in US dollars is assumed $199.99, which is not an official price. There quiet a long time left for the final release, and Nintendo does not seems to share much on the same. So price speculation is common on the web, however Gameseek looks like taking a further step by taking pre-orders from the buyers.

Nintendo Switch is the next gen gaming hybrid system for home. It consists of a main unit that has a tablet design with two removable controllers. These are knows as Joy-Cons. You can connect them separately to the main unit and use it like a simple controller to play on bigger screens. The main unit also acts as a docking station or TV display. You can use it like a home console or a portable console. Nintendo Switch is already making a lot of news because of its design, it would be rather priceless to see what really it gives to gamers.