Nintendo Switch Battery Life With Active Wifi And Max Brightness And Sleep Mode Details


As Nintendo Switch is in the hands of few reviewers around the world, we have the chance to learn more about the hardware and its performance rather than simply look at the games accompanying its launch on March 3. Most interesting details surely regard battery life, which has been pretty a concern as the official longevity has a range between 2 hours and a half and six hours.

Nintendo Switch Battery Testing

According to a stress test from guys at GameXplain, we have the console’s battery life with active wi-fi and maximum brightness while running The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild span around 2 hours and 28 minutes. Which is around what Nintendo actually promised for its most anticipated launch title at the time of presentation back in January 13.

Interestingly enough, the console also has a sleep mode, where it only drains 2% battery every 8 hours (that’s 1% every 4 hours, of course). It looks like it’s a good option when you need to download games and updates, but also when you have to suddenly stop your gaming session and have to recover it at a later date or time in the day.