Nintendo Switch Clock Speed In Handheld And Docked Mode Leaked, Compared With Xbox One And PS4


New technical information about Nintendo Switch have apparently leaked from a Chinese manufacturer, which is telling us something more about how the console performs in both the docked and portable modes. According to these information, we can see there’s an important difference between the two modes, which is not anyway set to harm performances in portable mode after all.

Nintendo Switch

These are all the reported clock speeds in both the modes:

Handheld mode

  • CPU Core 0 314mhz
  • CPU Core 1 726mhz
  • CPU Core 2 726mhz
  • CPU Core 3 314mhz
  • GPU 275mhz
  • GFLOPS Benchmark : 375 gflops FP32

Docked mode

  • CPU all cores are 2143mhz
  • GPU is 1005mhz
  • GFLOPS Benchmark : 875.77 gflops FP32

The benchmark ran at 806FPS at 875.66GFLOPS CPU and GPU combined whereas the Xbox One ran at 1060 FPS, PS4 at 1349 FPS, and the PS4 Pro at 2983FPS.

Nintendo Switch is releasing on March 3 and, yes, it’s less powerful than Xbox One and PS4. It’s something we already knew and actually not surprising at all/not defining our opinion of the console. At least until it doesn’t harm Nintendo’s relationship with third party developers too much.