Nintendo Switch Devkit Menu Inadvertently Revealed


One of the latest TV spots coming from Nintendo inadvertently featured dev kit menus. While we can’t see how this really happened in the first place, the video was aired by Nintendo Portugal on YouTube and later removed, only once they noticed that there was something wrong in the edit they were offering to their viewers.

Of course, someone on the Internet has managed to grab few screenshots from the original video, showing us all what the dev kit menu is like. The shots show the Application, Device, and Firmware menus from the Switch’s devkit UI. The devkit seemingly has 64GB storage, which is double the storage we’ll get once Switch releases on March 3.

The Device menu also shows the ability to manually and automatically set the time, toggle automatic brightness control, and make changes to the console’s sleep mode and idle time detection. Other images refers an unknown application called “Tandem,” and confirms the devkit firmware version number: 0.2.0-3.

You can see a mirrored version of the clip below (already taken down, see screenshots at neogaf):

[Video Deleted]