Nintendo Switch Early Hands-on: Dates And Cities For The U.S. Demo Tour Revealed


Nintendo has just announced all the dates and cities when and where you’ll be able to give the upcoming Nintendo Switch an early try in the United States. Exact locations and hours have not been revealed yet, but will be coming as “soon” as the Japanese platform holder has more information to share.

Nintendo Switch Hands On Event Cities Information

Let’s take a look at dates and cities where you’ll be given a chance to play Nintendo Switch before it ships next March:

  • New York – January 13th-15th
  • Washington, D.C. – February 10th-12th
  • Chicago – February 17th-19th
  • Los Angeles – February 24th-26th
  • San Francisco – March 3rd-5th

Friday and Saturdays are invite-only events, while Sundays will be open to everyone on a first come first served basis. Of course there won’t be any price to pay in order to access the events and depending on the type of ticket you’ll be able to grab, you’ll also be given the opportunity to carry a guest with you.

Great to see Nintendo is so confident about Nintendo Switch – we’ll probably know games that will be unleashed as part of this first demo showcase on January 12, 2017. We really look forward to it, don’t you?