Nintendo Switch Final Dev Kits Out for selected Developers, Max Battery Life 8 Hours: Rumor

According to a video shared by Direct-Feed Games, Nintendo Switch Final Dev Kits is out and is distributed to selected developers. There is not a huge difference in comparison to previous kits. The users also talks about the battery life, the assumptions on web is going on around 3 hrs max on Switch, but as per the video it could be between 5 hours and max 8 hours. The output relies on the usage and settings that includes brightness, wifi, etc. Improved battery life is a good sign. You can check the video below.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is scheduled for January 13th for release. So we need to wait back for the full features. A video uploaded Yesterday by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, debuts Nintendo Switch. The video shows Jimmy Fallon plays The Legend of Zelda. This is the first showcase of Switch.

Nintendo Switch:

Shifting to a new paradigm, Nintendo brings a Hybrid gaming console in the market. A portable device with removable controllers and a dock that can be easily connected to a HDTV or display. Thus it fulfills two important requirements of an end user, portability and a Big Screen game play in one shot.