Nintendo Switch GameCube VC Reveal Before Launch, Metroid, LA Noire, Assassin’s Creed Reveal At E3 2017


According to a new rumor coming from Studio Q YouTube channel, Nintendo might be preparing few important announcements a couple weeks before Nintendo Switch releases on March 3. Those announcements would be about Virtual Console for GameCube titles, while Disgaea 5 release date would be coming as early as next week.

Nintendo Switch GameCube VC Reveal

E3 2017 would be time, according to these rumors, for a new Metroid game (possibly the one in the making at the Metroid Prime software house, Retro Studios), a new Assassin’s Creed game set to be multi-platform as usual but also coming to Nintendo Switch, and the much rumored L.A. Noire remaster in the making at an internal 2K Games studio.

At this point, we don’t have any mean to confirm those rumors, but it looks like few of them could be reliable. L.A. Noire chatter has been around for a while, for example, and Assassin’s Creed is set to be returning this year with a new iteration and it looks highly unlikely that Ubisoft could be ruling out Switch from the equation.

NOTE: Video starts at 0:52