Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Could Charge Tablet’s Battery?


According to a new report from Spain, it looks like the Joy-Con controllers are capable of charging the Nintendo Switch tablet once they’re connected together. This would basically allow, once you have Joy-Con batteries at full capacity, to have Switch’s tablet last a bit longer when it’s going low battery or empty battery at all.

Joy-Con Controller

“One of the things that most called our attention was knowing that the console in handheld mode, along with the Joy-Con will have mutual feedback,” the report from Juegosadn says.

“What does this mean? Well, when we play with the Nintendo switch in a handheld mode with the Joy-Con, these can charge the console and vice-versa. This will happen when some of those parts have a low battery, this way we will be able to play some extra time. For example, if the battery of the console is at 10% and the joy con are at 100%, these will charge the console.”

Nintendo Switch’s battery is said to last for 3 and 6 hours of gameplay, depending on the title you’re playing.

The website also offers a look at what’s under the dock. It looks pretty empty, with component occupying very little space, and that’s not a surprise: Nintendo has always stated that the main console is Switch’s tablet, which you can also carry with you once you’re not home.