Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Wireless Signal Issue Explained via Video Walkthrough


During their first private hands on, press members have discovered an annoying issue with Nintendo Switch’s left Joy-Con connectivity, as the controller basically loses the console signal and the character on screen – specifically, Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – keeps moving in the direction you were pointing at.

Nintendo Switch

In a new video, GameXplain has tried and explained why the issue is currently in place. It seems it’s a problem of wifi signal moving properly and reaching the console after all, so it’s not a hardware failure or whatever. The most serious problem about that is signal gets lots or chunky if you even put your hand on the wireless receiver on the left Joy-Con. If you put your entire body between it and the console the signal gets lost.

The right Joy-Con is slightly better, interestingly, but not as good as it should be. Signal gets slowed down, as tested in the calibration tool of the Nintendo Switch OS, but at least it shows the platform is capable of better handling of the signal in comparison with what happens to the left controller. Hopefully the already announced day one patch can also fix this and not just be mandatory update to have online functionalities in place.