More details on Nintendo Switch’s online services have been revealed

Nintendo has released more details about its strange online service, giving players an idea on how they’ll be playing online in the future on the Nintendo Switch—from their phone.

The company plans to launch an application for smartphone devices called Nintendo Switch Online. The application will launch on July 21 alongside Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch, according to The Verge. This app gives players access to private lobbies, voice chat options, stat tracking, and more for Splatoon 2.

The application plans to become the main hub for all things Nintendo online in the future, and players will need to have access to it for basic online functionality.

The way that the application will handle voice chat services on the Nintendo Switch has been known for awhile now—and it is as complicated as you might expect. An external device with two wires connects your Nintendo Switch to your smartphone in order for voice chat to work—so if you have an iPhone 7, tough luck.

The game’s audio comes from the Nintendo Switch, while the voice chat comes from your phone through an application that will be released sometime in the future.

The full online service plans to roll out next year for $19.99 a year, marking the first time that Nintendo has asked fans to pay for its online service to access multiplayer for all of its Switch titles.

Fans aren’t too happy with what they’ve seen so far and hope that Nintendo updates the Switch in the future to allow standard voice communication and online functionality through the console itself.

We have reached out to Nintendo for further comment on their online service and asked if they have any alternative plans for players without a smartphone device.