Nintendo Switch Portable Mode GPU Clock Speed Receives 25% Boost: Analysis


Good news from a tech perspective, finally, arrive for Nintendo Switch. According to a report from Digital Foundry, good guy Nintendo has offered a 25% boost for developers to deploy in the much anticipated and already fan favorite portable mode, the one you can play wherever you want outside of your living room’s TV screen.

Nintendo Switch GPU Performance Tech Analysis

In particular, the boost comes to make the portable mode GPU clock speed higher, from the base (undocked) 307.3MHz to 384MHz. It must be noted this is not something in the range of the PS4 Pro boost mode, where you turn on and off the performance increase at your own pleasure, but an opportunity Nintendo is giving developers.

This means that a game deploying said boost will have it all the time in portable mode, and you’re not being given a chance to bring back (whatever is the reason you’d want to) the base GPU clock speed. We’ll need to wait and see which developers are actually using it, and what improvements this boost could be providing to the overall experience.