Nintendo Switch Possibly To Support Virtual Reality In The Future: Tatsumi Kimishima


Nintendo is reportedly studying ways to implement virtual reality on Nintendo Switch but ultimately won’t do it if the Japanese platform holder isn’t sure about the quality of the service it’d be delivering to its heterogeneous audience. This is the sense of a statement provided by President Tatsumi Kimishima during an interview with Nikkei.

Nintendo Boss Comments On VR Support For Switch

Kimishima himself has talked about “problems” the technology is currently meeting, just like the motion sickness issue which is somehow limiting lots of players’ experiences and the fact that you can’t play VR for too long before having your head shaking all over the place. This is something Nintendo wants to address as soon as possible.

We don’t know how Nintendo could just fix this in time for Nintendo Switch to implement virtual reality devices, both from an internal perspective or the third party, but it’s interesting they’re still interested into VR after their initial effort – the Virtual Boy – was a huge disappointment around twenty years ago. By the way, is Switch powerful enough to support it?