Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Battery Duration, Sync Revealed


Nintendo Switch is coming to reviewers and press members, and we can finally get some interesting (and legit) details about the console itself and its accessories. For example, today we can give a proper look at the Pro Controller, how many hours will be able to play with a single charge and more, thanks to a GameXplain video.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

According to the Pro Controller box, which you can buy separately upon day one, this joypad is set to let you play around 40 hours with a single charge. You can also charge its lithium battery with a simple USB cable (the one which is being given in the box is ok) or thanks to the dock cable you’re given once buying the console.

On top of that, we have information about synchronization as well. You can sync the Pro Controller to your Switch unit with a single button press or, in case you have issues while doing it wifi, you can also link console and controller with the dedicated USB cable and have a very quick and simple sync. It looks as easy as abc.

Nintendo Switch Battery Life