Nintendo Switch Reviews Will Go Live On March 1, Preview Embargo Lifts Off In Two Days


Nintendo Switch is releasing on March 3, but when are first impressions and reviews starting to drop? Nintendo has a tradition of sending their pr materials to the press weeks ahead of official launches, and this time around it seems they’re not going to do any exception. According to the outlet Nintendo Force, we’re just two days away from previews.

Nintendo Switch

“Like the European press, our embargo says nothing but photos of the unopened box for now. Have to wait until the 23rd to start previews,” the website, which claims to be a Nintendo Power spiritual successor, told their followers on Twitter. This means in a couple days we’ll have a first look at the console and possibly at the upcoming launch games.

On top of that, according to Twitter user and allegedly insider Dystify, we’ll have complete reviews for both titles (supposedly 1-2 Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild among first party products) and console on March 1, just two days before the platform actually ships. It’s eight days from now.

Of course, we don’t have any confirmation about this from Nintendo, but these dates are seemingly true considering what happened in the past with embargo dates being revealed by press outlets and journalists.