Nintendo Switch Teardown Images Leaked, Confirms Nothing About Pascal, Maxwell, X1, Tegra


Nintendo Switch is officially scheduled to launch on March 3 worldwide carrying a price tag of $299. As you all know that few lucky consumers were able to get their hands on the legit retail unit of Nintendo Switch early (obviously by illegal means) revealing additional new information about the console via images and videos. Today, we got access to a new batch of Nintendo Switch images showing us what is inside the console (a short teardown).

Nintendo Switch Teardown

Please note that these Nintendo Switch teardown images tell us absolutely nothing about the (SPECS) since we already know that whatever Nintendo is using is custom. Reddit user “feed_me_haribo” has posted a detail explanation and clarification regarding teardown and terminology used in the images such as Pascal, Maxwell, X1, Tegra, etc.

Here is a short summary of feed_me_haribo’s post:

First off, the leaked pictures of the Switch tear down tell us absolutely nothing since we already know that whatever Nintendo is using is custom. So whether the die size is identical to the X1 or not is irrelevant. Also for the only Pascal based SoC, Parker, the only image of it I can find comes from Nvidia’s own blog post and no die size dimensions are given. People have also been getting confused and comparing the Tegra die size to Pascal GPU die sizes for standalone GPUs, which makes absolutely no sense. Since the packaging tells us absolutely nothing, the only way someone might be able to crack a code would be in the product number, but that’s unlikely.

The above is not an opinion. Now here’s my editorial. The Switch will use a custom X1. Nvidia hasn’t even announced a next generation Tegra, just the Parker for vehicle automation. I am sure that there is a next generation Tegra in development, but it might not even be Pascal based, maybe it will be Volta based. Regardless, seeing as the X1 is pretty new itself and only a couple devices have so far adopted it, I highly doubt Nvidia is already trying to push out Pascal Tegras. Plus you have to consider things like manufacturing timelines, cost, and thermal management. It is extremely unlikely for the Switch to be Pascal based. Still, people are way too caught up in whether it is Pascal or Maxwell. We do know it’s custom and we don’t know where that will put it relative to the performance of the X1 vs. that of Parker.

tear-down-image-8 tear-down-image-9 teardown-image-1 teardown-image-2 teardown-image-3 teardown-image-4 teardown-image-5 teardown-image-6 teardown-image-7 tear-down-image-8 tear-down-image-9