Nintendo Switch To Bridge Handheld & Home Gaming, Joy-Con Also Attachable To Other Devices


Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has recently discussed his vision behind the making of Nintendo Switch, the upcoming Nintendo console which is some sort of link between the handheld and home gaming. According to Koizumi, this is the very intent of Nintendo: bridging the two worlds so that the console can always be in gamer’s life some way.

Switch To Bridge Gap Between Home And Handheld Gaming

“We’re hoping that Nintendo Switch will be a system that will be constant in your gaming life. Whereas previously, you would play certain things on your home system and certain things on your handheld. Our hope is that Nintendo Switch can be the system that bridges both of those and becomes the constant system that you’re always using,” he told Times.

On top of that, he added that there’s a chance in the future the Switch’s controllers, Joy-Con, might be attached to something else rather than the main unit, the ‘tablet’. “Because you can remove the controllers from the system, it opens up a lot of possibilities for expansion of what you’re able to do with the controllers or what you’re able to connect to the system.”

Nintendo Switch’s releasing on March 3 worldwide.