Nintendo Switch To Support Up To 4K On TV Mode: Report

Nintendo Switch’s specs are far from being official, as we’re still waiting for the Japanese platform holder to reveal everything about its upcoming console (Nintendo Switch) and specifically what we could expect to see when powering it up the first time. Interestingly, while first reports were offering a terrific vision about the console’s raw power, it seems it could be more powerful than stated so far.

Nintendo Switch Supports 4K Resolution in TV Mode

According to a report coming from Japanese analyst Yasuda of Ace Research Institute, and retweeted by WSJ’s Mochizuki, it seems Switch could be supporting a 1440p maximum resolution on TV and 1080p on its portable device. Which would be up from 1080p on TV and 720p previously slipped from older rumors.

Insider Emily Rogers has so far discussed this report on her Twitter profile, adding some more insights about the possible resolutions. According to her, Switch’s maximum resolution would even be 4K on television, while the portable mode would only come as high as 720p mainly because Nintendo wanted to save battery life.