Nintendo Switch Will Replicate The Success Of Nintendo Wii – Morningstar


It is an open secret that Nintendo Switch has achieved massive success in terms of sales since its launch in March 2017, however many are still raising doubt on the long-term sales potential. We have heard opinions of many analysts on whether Nintendo Switch will be able to achieve or outsell the sales figure of Wii? Most of the opinions were on the negative side, but there are select few who thinks that Nintendo Switch does have all the potential to cross or achieve 110 Million sales figure mark. Analyst Firm Morningstar is a new addition to this list.

Nintendo Switch vs Wii Sales Comparison

According to Morningstar, it is possible for Nintendo Switch to achieve 110 Million sales figure mark and the 3 reasons behind this prediction are: Nintendo has increased Switch Production Capacity, Many households are going to get more than One Switch unit, third-party video game developer support.

Speaking with our friend at NASDAQ, Morningstar executive said: “Nintendo has succeeded in expanding its production capacity, and is now able to deliver more Switch consoles for the holiday season. We expect to see more than one Switch terminal per household. As a result, we expect that this gaming cycle will be larger than most of Nintendo’s previous hardware cycles, replicating the success of the Nintendo Wii, which shipped 102 million units.”

It’s still too early to say or comment on the lifetime sales figure of Nintendo Switch, but the fact that we can’t ignore is that since it’s release in March 2017, Nintendo Switch has been the best selling consoles for multiple times in the US (according to the NPD), the most recent month being October 2017. On that note, the only thing we can say is – Nintendo Switch is off to a great start and to keep this momentum going Nintendo will have to continue the trend of releasing some great quality first party games and get the support of more third-party video game developers.

Source: Nasdaq